Friday, January 30, 2009

Diary Entries -(01.29.09)

Dear Diary,

When I first saw Mark, I was really happy and excited. I decided to be Mark brother because we really love each other and we are always together. Mark was really sad because he thinks that Sal don't want him because he said that he is a "fat slop", and that's not true. In the night I decided that Mark needed Doggie because he really needed some one to be with. I was so mad today because a lady put me in the corner ans she slap me across the face really hard. I was so mad. Sometimes, I think that it is really good liking somebody because when they go how much you loved them and take care of them they just leave.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


My family is really important to me. They are the best. The things that I like about my family is that they are their when you need them. The things that I don't like about my family is that they don't let us do things that we wanna do, they complain a lot, and the little ones always get the big ones in trouble and they never listened to us. I think Jennings' really love his family a lot. He felt that the Frazier family were great because Mr.Frazer bought him a lot of clothes and he was happy because the dint treat him like a dog.

The positive things about Jennings' family is that they love each other and they are always protecting each other. The negative things about his family is that George always come home drunk and mom is always sending him away and Larry thinks that no one love him. The negative things that George do is that he always come home drunk and he is always fighting with his mom and Walter. Ms.Carpenter always use to beat on him and never give him food. The negative things about Larry is that he thinks no one likes him and that he is treaded like a slave. The negative things about Jerome's life is that he is always in the hospital.

Yeah, I think that Jennings' had a family at the Home of the Angels. I think that he fells that his family is always fighting and that some times no one love each other that they just hate each other. Yeah, Sal is a father to Jennings because he is always asking him how is he doing and how he is doing at school and at lunch. I think it makes him fells special. Yeah, Mark was like a brother to her.

Diary Entries


Dear Diary,

Today I'm really sad that my brother ran away from the house. He ran away because every one treaded him like a slave and he got really tier of it. George behavior affect the family because he comes mostly most of the night drunk and he be fighting with mom and Walter and mom is always crying. My mom was crying when she saw me because I showed her my cut that I got.

Thursday, January 8, 2009