Monday, February 9, 2009

What I learn in class today.

AIM: What was Jim Crow?

Today in class I learn that back is the days their use to be a law called Jim Crow. That law means that
the former practice of segregating black people in the US : [as adj. ] Jim Crow laws. I think that non-whites were affected by Jim Crow because they had they were not black and that rule was only for black people. Malcolm X felt really mad about these laws because he think that every one should be treated the same.
Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X.

Langston Hughes was a guy that wrote poems about the things that were going one back them. I think their life were terrible and they couldn't do nothing like have a stable job, get pay well, or be treaded like every white person. I read the merry-go-round (Colored Child at Carnival).Yes, because know we have a black president and rules change ever since 1930. In 1930 they had rules that black people could not do nothing. Black people could work,have a stable home,and they don't need to be scare of ridding the bus and sitting every were.

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