Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lake Compounce =)

On my 7Th grade class trip we went to Lake Compounce! This was located in Connecticut. We left like around 9:oo am. We left like around 3:46 pm. We was in the bus for 3 hours. When we was waiting to leave we were there hearing music and playing around. The trip in the park was Ode fun. On my way to the park I was hearing music with Thalia. We were watching some Harry Potter movie. On my way to the park I was excited and then when we were leaving I was so Sleeeepy!

As soon as we went to the park we was waiting for Ms.Sa to buy the tickets and as soon as we had them we went to the park and we got on the Double shot. When I went to the park I felt normal because I went their before in the summer time. In my group was Joshua, Thalia, Grii, Linda, Jhoana, Alex, Sekouba, Jonas, and Alex. The teacher that I was with was Mr.Osei. The first ride that I got on was on the Double shot. In that ride I got on with Linda and Jhoana. I got on mostly all off the rides. But I don't remember the names. My favorite ride was the Boulder Dash. It was my favorite because it was Ode fun and it was going fast. I dint dislike no rides. I like all off them. When I was on the boat one off my friends Diara threw up on some girl in front off. That was so funny. Mr.Osei was scare to get on the rides that we were getting on. I ate a big chess burger and some fries. I just like the chess burger, the fries tasted funny.

The last ride that I got on was the Double Shot again. I saw the pool. When we were going home me, Thalia ,and Joshua were sleeping together. I don't remember what movie we saw when we were going back home. What I like mostly about lake compounce was getting on the rides. I would love to back there, but I rather go to a different them park.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do Now : June O2,2OO9 "Angelas Ashes"

The little kids dying. The little baby keep on getting sick because there parents dint had money for they could go to the hospital. I would find a job until I find one. She keep on having baby's. He keeps on drinking and he don't got a job.

I think that this family lives under these conditions because the parents got no job and the keep on having to many kids. Yes, I know any family that have poverty like this. No, is worser in Ireland, because in America people could get help.

Is different because some people who live in the streets they could go to a chelter or get help the police. The advise that I would give this family is that for the father need to keep on trying to get a job. For the little kid he needs to help his mom and his mom need to stop having kids.

Monday, June 1, 2009

DO NOW : June O1,2OO9

Working with my group was fun. The best part of the working with my group was when we was recording because the only person in my group was Carolyn. Everything was pretty simple because I had Carolyn. We was fooling around and having fun making the bloopers. The advise that I would give students, is that for them to have fun with it and at the same time for them to their work.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Do Now : May 29, 2OO9

Some of the things that I like about career day is meeting new people
and learning about there career. The career that I'm interesting in is being a
producer. I like that job because it is really cool and you could go around the world. Also
you could get to edit clips be in the show and meeting famous people. The career that I
would like to learn about next year are Doctor, Dancer,and a Model.


In class with Joshua.Thalia, Carolynn and Teresa. Today is Thalia last day in school. She going to
Florida for 2 weeks. I'm gonna miss you! Mr.Osei always say the same thing everyday.. " Do your work." Every time he says that I feel like Blowing up... Ugh. . Sometimes I feel like going home and never come back...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

BFF... =) ( Career Day! )


Me & Thalia!

Career Day! Elina Brown(Producer)

On career day, I saw Elina Brown. She is a cooking show producer. She works for
Emeril live & Emeril goes green. I learn that being a producer is a hard work and it takes a lot
of patients. To make the show "Cool". She has to edit all of the clips. Also, she need to make ideas of how the show is gonna go and if Emeril or a gues make a mistake she needs to stop the clip. She also needs to remember the script. Her job is really cool and the things that I like about it is that she could go around the world and she could eat good Emeril food.