Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do Now : June O2,2OO9 "Angelas Ashes"

The little kids dying. The little baby keep on getting sick because there parents dint had money for they could go to the hospital. I would find a job until I find one. She keep on having baby's. He keeps on drinking and he don't got a job.

I think that this family lives under these conditions because the parents got no job and the keep on having to many kids. Yes, I know any family that have poverty like this. No, is worser in Ireland, because in America people could get help.

Is different because some people who live in the streets they could go to a chelter or get help the police. The advise that I would give this family is that for the father need to keep on trying to get a job. For the little kid he needs to help his mom and his mom need to stop having kids.

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