Friday, April 24, 2009

Essay ; O4-23-O9

The language that we use is really powerful.Some people call each other names for fun or they just like bothering them. In my class people call each other names like almost every day. Wheen they be calling people name, I be feeling Odeee sad. In my school they cal some 8th grader Gay because he be acting "weird".Yes, an 8th grader. I think some people be feeling Odee sad, and that they don't wanna go to shcool no more.

Petrocelli call Steve a "Monster" because of what they claim that he did. "You a chincha and an alien." When they call Steve a "Monster" he feels sad. He write "Moster" every weir. Well, yeah I think he feels like a "Monster". Im not sure if he is a monster because I dont know if he kill that old man. Im not sure if he is guilty or innocent.

Yeah, I think Jury dee Steve as a monster. Yeah, I would problably think he is a moster. Steve name the title of his book monster because the lady call him a monster.

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