Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I-movie Essay .

Using I-MOVIE is cool. I really like it, but is to complicated to do. The best part about creating the movie with my group is recording. When I show my video yesterday, they reacted like if it was not all that good and they said that we need to work more on it. That we need to work on it and make the pictures go with the scrip. After showing my video, I felt that I need to change a lot of things. 1.) Make it funny and interesting
2.) More information about Steve Harmon 3.) and make the scrip go with the pictures.

When I saw the other videos, I thought that it was really nice and some of them was funny. No, I don't think that my my video was the best because it need more work on it. I enjoy Mary Jo video the most because it was Ode funny and it was interesting. If you use I-MOVIE please use it carefully because it take to long how to use it. Yes, I think that someone would understand what is the book about.

First I would make the video more interesting. Make it a little bit funny and make the words go with the pictures.

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