Friday, February 27, 2009

Classwork; 02.27.09(center one)

The name of the book is The Bronx Masquerade. This book is about young adults writing poems about them self and they present it to the class. I met 13 characters so far in the story. The thing that I like this book is that some poem have a message to go with it and some of them are cool to listen. I don't like that every time some one finish their story Tyrone always have to say something. None of the characters relate to me.

Me and Lupe have something on common because she don't know about her father and I don't know about him neither. Yeah, I like the character in this book,because they are interesting and they have a lot of problems. This character wanna know about her father and he don't write to her back when she write to him. Lupe thinks that no one love her. She has a person Vs. self and persons Vs. person

Me and Gloria have nothing in common because she have a babe and I don't. The character I don't like the most is Tyrone because he talks to much. My character name would be Katty Perez. She would have a lot of problems with her mom and her mom die of drugs and her mom us to sell Katty's body of money.

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