Friday, March 13, 2009

The math exam part 1 was really easy. No; It was not difficult because I know some off the things that Ms.Sa show us. Part 2 was really difficult. Part 2 was harder that pat one because in part 2 I dint get half if the things in their.I think that I got a 3 on the math exam. On part 1 it took me like 40 minutes to take my test and on par 2 I think It took me like 30 minutes. Yeah, I went over my answer because I wanted to check if I made a wrong answer or sum thing.

The poetry test was in the middle yesterday. I don't remember what was the difficult in the test yesterday. I think it was really hard because I had for got about every thing; but then I remember some thing. To find the imagry thing. That was really hard. What do you think your grade will be? I'm not really sure what my grade would be.Nope I was not prepare because I did not study at all last night.

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